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Love your Garden


RHS-Landscaping Ltd, have been transforming gardens in Hemel Hempstead and Hertfordshire for 20 years, creating amazing designs, also maintaining School Grounds and Sports Facilities on a commercial level.


We are proud and passionate about what we do, our commitment to our clients is 100% delivering quality services, from start to finish,  careful planning and designing, with a skilled team to achieve and retain our high standard.


Our services are customised complete with the client’s needs, whether it is a complete renovation of outside space, or an addition to a current garden, such as fencing, patio's, lighting, landscaping gardening, tree surgery.


Our team is experienced and skilled with Hard and Soft landscaping and are able to help with creative and practical results to achieve what your needs require. 


RHS Landscaping Ltd is dedicated to achieving a high quality standard of work. With our reputation for being trustworthy and honest, that delivery amazing services with an aim to please.

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